2015 Summit Storyboards

Posted for Impact Economy Summit

by Impact Economy on Nov 12 2015, last modified on Jan 29 2016.

The graphical storyboards for Impact Economy 2015. With special thanks and appreciation to the amazing Corrina Keeling!

Impact Economy Summit Posted for Impact Economy Summit


Those are awesome, but the auto-transitions go way too fast to grasp the content.

Suggest either no auto-transition (let the viewer select play or navigate by clicks) or make it much much slower.

@BobHaugen There's a pause button in the lower right corner, then you can click the next/previous buttons or click on the right/left sides of the image to move between them.

Hi Eric, thanks for the response. I had found the pause button, after the first 4 images had flown past too fast for me to get my bearings.

thanks @BobHaugen - this feedback is super helpful! @EricHowe - I'll add 'making the pause button more visible' to GitHub github.com/the-cm/cm-next

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