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by Impact Economy on Nov 03 2015, last modified on Nov 03 2015.

Thursday, November 12th, 10am CST

Suggested Agenda

Intros and goals for meeting/collaboration (brief!) Highlights and next steps from last meeting Establish some ground rules for working together Brainstorm ways forward Next steps

This is a draft so please feel free to make suggestions. I wasn’t sure…
Impact Economy Summit Posted for Impact Economy Summit


I'd like to share proposed business model for Impact Economy, the latest from Suncorp, other ideas for pulling in investments and an overview of proposed changes on CM platform that will make it easier to use as we collaborate moving forward. I'd also like to agree a time for meetups focused on tech developments. I believe we can pull funding in if we agree to - and actively practice - collaboration. I heard from the last MAN meet, that most of the funding needed is for platform development. What functionality and why?

The Impact Economy was intended to unite us through impactful projects. I feel it's important that we make some agreements as to how we will support what we each do. Let's make it happen!

How useful could Weave be in helping us collaborate? Sent a message. What are common needs and solutions projects may have? I can see 5 key categories that would each have sub categories and the ability to identify per location (country, region, area, community): marketing/promotion, business and legal, tech communication, tech commerce, other tools (e.g. irrigation system, solar).

Hello EveryONE,

Love being here! Just want to post my message to Caroline after our Skype call, and now seeing the agenda for tomorrows meeting...

"Specifically, the idea of picking one or two projects that would serve as a vessel for bringing our contributions together. And, provide us with context for integrating our language with the necessary intellectual coherence, the common goals for intentional alignment and the emergent process for experiencing synergistic co-creation."

With great admiration for what all of you have already done, I hope to add to whom we could together become! Kindly, Jeff Quintero

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