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by Tiberius Brastaviceanu on Nov 22 2015, last modified on Nov 30 2015.

Hi all,

We just had a web meeting with PODnet and Solaroof sites.google.com/site/solaroofagripod/ They have a presence in Iceland and Norway.

They are very happy to collaborate with SENSORICA.

During our last meeting with CM and Bergnek we spoke about extended seasons. PODnet and Solaroof tech is open source,…

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This is an extremely exciting innovation @TiberiusBrastaviceanu ! I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with the founder – Richard Nelson – at the World Social Forum in Montreal. The self-sustaining concepts embedded in the Community Agripod architecture are quite brilliant, but $200k to build the entire thing is a large investment, and I would argue that an 'all-in-one' solution like this would not be the best way to serve Bergnek's social, community and economic needs.

Following a workshop on how we can collaborate in a proposal for Bergnek Community Projects (I'll post a blog on this towards the end of next week..), Richard and I got into a conversation about how an Agripod for serving the Bergnek community could be developed in a more piecemeal fashion, that engaged members of the community in the process.

We talked about the possibility of breaking down all the needs, skills and resources needed for an Agripod. @KeabetsweKeithMosumane and @WarrenTeBrugge (founder of the not-for-profit that works with Bergnek Projects) could then run a community workshop matching up the needs, skills and resources with those that exist in the community. The workshop would be an opportunity to share ideas about how the various aspects of Agripod could be leveraged to deliver a whole lot more than producing food.

Few thoughts around this:

  1. Can the roofing be developed so it could be used within the framework for building a family home - a roof that supplies its residents with water electricity at the same time? If so, the skills developed in the community for building Solaroofs could be used within multiple projects.

  2. By teaching interested community members the skills for building each phase of the Agripod, they could develop the means to go teach neighbouring communities (for a small workshop fee) too. This would help promote the technology at the same time as increasing employment opportunities.

  3. Perhaps we could work together to submit a proposal for funding a simple Solaroof to help serve electrical needs for an irrigation system + soil moisture sensor that would increase the yields from the vegetable and vertical wall gardens?

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