Seeking Feedback: driving revenues through 'Local Prosperity Graphs'

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by Caroline Smalley on Jul 29 2013, last modified on Jul 29 2013.

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Thought to clarify – esp to those who understand the importance of data analysis and the way (as Facebook does) it can be used to manipulate online behavior – it's actually the idea of making $ through data analysis and local prosperity graphs that I'm seeking feedback on.

If we can track conversations / online behavior that's related to empowering local prosperity, then – by mapping the way they flow – we can manipulate online platforms (like CM) that can trigger connections for manifesting similar outcomes throughout the world. Local prosperity will grow!

The local projects supported through CM are important will enable us to identify the sorts of conversations we need to track if we are to manipulate communications in a way that serves real needs.

This 'data' we collect will have value, because we can share it will people like the UN, who could use it in their own (online/mobile) environments in a ways that serves their millennium goals. The fact that the data will have a value means we can use it as to generate 'Angel Investor' revenues that can bring CM to life.

Why? Because the more projects we take on; the more data we'll collect; the greater the returns it can make.

In other words, revenues from Angel Investments will increase CM activity, because it will mean we can support more projects and generate higher returns for crowd investors, which they can spend to re-invest / support local business.

In short, data analysis can act like a springboard through which the vision of CM can succeed.

Questions: 1. Does my proposed definition for 'Local Prosperity Graphs' work? 2. Can we/should we get this added to Wikipedia? 3. Does referring to CM as a 'Local Prosperity Networking Service' resonate? /why-invest?id=1074#dtx-data-analysis

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P.S. If anyone knows of potential Angels, please let me know!

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