I3 Investment Cooperative

The I3 Investment Co­operative supports people and planet initiatives that use forward thinking solutions to overcome needs and challenges Business As Usual has not been able to do.

I3= Exponential Impact.

This includes solutions akin to the Sharing Economy. Initiatives we support take a community based approach in connecting needs, skills and resources to develop economic opportunity from within. They typically take advantage of Open Design, and mobile friendly tools, that facilitate peer to peer communication and commercial exchange.

Memorandum + Rules

Secret To Success

The I3 Investment Coop works by developing strategic partnerships that align challenges with solutions and provide qualitative and quantitative data for impacting meaningful change.

This collaborative approach maximizes networked impact of investments and solutions while providing initiatives and supporters with essential tools and alliances from communities throughout the world.

Our principle partner is The Citizens Media® – CM – a communications to commerce crowdfunding platform that enables investors, community members, project leaders and innovators to act as one big community.

It uses online conversations to connect with locals on their ground in their own communities: developing understanding of it’s opportunities and challenges. We then work together developing and funding proposals for meeting their real needs leading to the production of tools and services that are open, accessible and scalable.

Tracking data for assessing solution impact, the I3 Investment Cooperative provides its members with expertise and insights into which investments are most effective. This reduces risk associated with investing in new ideas and accelerates change so many want to see.

Innovative Board

Our Board is comprised of forward thinking specialists from around the world, who – while familiar with the pros and cons of 'Business As Usual' – are experienced in I3 concerns, such as Community Development, Alternative Finance and Distributed Technology.

Community Reinvestment

Reinvestment within communities has three times (3x) the economic impact of money that drifts in and out. The I3 Investment Cooperative makes informed investment decisions supporting sustainable initiatives that:

  1. Build sustainable economic opportunity from within communities;
  2. Maximize use of resources through transparent, peer to peer sharing of skills, knowledge, resources and solution design.


Memorandum + Rules

In alignment with its vision, and in collaboration with its members, the Cooperative:

  1. Creates investment opportunities, that maximize economic, social and environmental returns;
  2. Provides loans, loan guarantees, grants, and other financial assistance;
  3. Provides assistance with the development, evaluation and assessment of business enterprises and other economic projects;
  4. Provides investment services to members and customers (including but not limited to project assessment, risk analysis, related administration and financial services);
  5. Engages in public education and community development, and encourages research and development into innovative solutions.

Call To Action

We are presently seeking:

  1. Impact Investors interested in being a part of I3 vision and goals, and;
  2. Financial Experts with knowledge in areas that relate to I3 who would be interested in joining our Investor Committee and/or Board.

To inquire, please email: invest@impacteconomy.io


We're in start-up mode with limited finance. To avoid preparing a costly prospectus, we need to ensure that our investors qualify for certain exemptions. Exemption rules are based on coop law in the potential investors residing location.

Further information can be found in our AGM July 2016: Minutes of Meeting


What do you need?

The I3 Investment Cooperative provides: Investors and Project Leaders with of wealth of applicable expertise and peace of mind; Impact Entrepreneurs with projects and finance to prove their ideas, and; Members of Communities with  opportunities for increasing their economic, social and environmental wellbeing.

For information on Member Benefits, click here.

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