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Bergnek Community Projects vegetable and vertical wall gardens address food security challenges faced by the people living in the community. They also provide a means for providing employment and act as a community gathering space.

It is generally the Grandparents who are looking after and raising the children on a day to day basis. The GoGo's (As Grandma's are affectionately known) really do keep the community alive and running. They look after all children, not just their own relatives and it is critical that they have healthy nutrition to be able to meet the challenge. It is also crucial for children to maintain the bond between the aged and youth, helping children to ground themselves and know that they are taken care of by their GoGo's.


Vegetables, Condiments and herbs ( Garlic , Black pepper etc )

Physical Space

Vertical Garden: The gardens takes very little space (construction takes time and money however it allows us to put gardens in small spaces. The output of the Garden is the same as above. It allows us to grow vegetables in a more sustainable way.

Regular vegetable plots (Gardens): These gardens require more land and we can farm up +-5 hectares. Here we could use the drip system and other sustainable technologies.


Vertical Gardens: Drip/irrigation System, Heavy duty landscaping to build soil pockets/bags, the wire framing to build the cages, cement to do foundation, soil, seeds, piping to get water the water to the drip/irrigation system.

Vegetable plots: Drip/irrigation system, soil tiller, gardening tools including shovels, picks, racks, seeds, water distribution system including a small pump, solar energy to drive pump, harvesting packaging and tools, scale, frost guards, uniforms, wheel barrows, small cart to harvest vegetables.


The labor comes from the community at 4 X R3000 per month salary.


We want to increase employment in the community where is critical shortage of jobs, by producing local we can sell the community at lower price. We will sell produce to people in the community and neighboring community for sustainable.


Philimon is the project leader. What motivates him: to provide for his family and make a difference in the community. He leads a team of about 1 guy and 3 ladies


To create and sustain employment in the community and provide community members with a source of healthy good quality food at a low cost.


They know the difference it makes to the community and they know the people that they sell to. It provides a stable source of employment which put food in the table for their and improves their quality of life.


It was first started by building the first vertical garden and following by a small plot of land. The people working from the garden benefits from the produce they sell.

Local Resources

The skills in the community.


Currently we distribute the produce to the community, we are working on distributing to the other surrounding communities.


Water scarcity. Getting people committed to stay on the projects, which is why we need resources/funding to make it a success, so that people would have a source of income.


Yes they are sustainable. Once we have the right resources in place to properly implement and have all the systems in place to make this project a success and expand our market, the business will able to sustain itself.


Yes they are affordable. For local community members we offer lower prices than they are currently paying , and they wont have to travel to get their vegetables. For external communities we will meet market prices where there is still significant unmet demands.


In the initial stages we were able to produce enough, however as we grow we will require more and labor to meet the demands. It's not that urgent, we want to prove the smaller model.


By transferring skills, new ideas, funding and introducing us to new technologies for organic farming.

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