World Social Forum 2016

In October 2015, the I3 Investment Cooperative founding partner – The Citizens Media® – invited some of the worlds’ most forward thinking innovators to come together in sharing ideas for how we can collaborate in manifesting change so many want to see.

Reporting it to be "the best summit they had been to," most agreed it was exhausting but rewarding at the same time. Collaborating isn't easy. Yet it not only holds the key for unlocking the success of those in the room, but sits at the heart of what will be the most important shift for people and planet in centuries past and centuries to come.

During the summit, our Founding Directors signed the incorporation papers, and on April 21, the I3 Coop Investment Cooperative was official at last! Its purpose is to help develop and fund innovative proposals that promise exponential impact on people, planet and profit alike.

We also ran a series of video podcasts designed to provide insight – to each other and the wider world – into what we're all up to.

Many who attended the Summit will be going to be at the World Social Forum (Montreal August 9-14, 2016), where the video podcast host from the summit – Tammy Lea Meyer and social innovator and collaborator Nicholas Perrin – are  offering their services to interview again. If you're an innovator and want to share what you are working on, , email They will be hosting podcasts remotely from Vancouver, and would love to hear from you.

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I3 will also be hosting a workshop based on its pilot in Bergnek, South Africa: presently scheduled for 13:00 - 15:30 on the 10th. If you can make it in person, we look forward to seeing  you there!Otherwise, join us online via Google Hangout On Air. You can also post comments and questions in this Skype chat room.

Let The New Paradigm Begin!

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