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Co-op Membership The Citizens Media | Jan 08 2015

How much do we charge for Co-op Membership and what terms do we apply?

Propose target members as established organizations who:

  1. Support our values and goals;
  2. Have complementary networks through which we can cross-promote;
  3. Take an active role in promoting what we do.

Membership revenues will be used to offset legal and administrative start-up costs.


I think we should look at the co-op's business plan and see what is needed to get it up and running before we start making decisions about what to do with member share capital. As to the securities, to clarify, the "blanket" exemption on investment by members of a co-op is up to 150 members, and up to $5,000 per member. However, the investor must either have been a founding member, or have been a member for one year. Earlier share sales, or share sales to non-members, may be made through an offering statement, which will alleviate the co-op from having to file a prospectus. It does not remove the requirement for having the shares sold through a licensed dealer, but if the co-op takes a position with investees where it has an ongoing relationship with the project invested in - monitoring, management participation, some level of oversight - that requirement is also removed.

Member Replies

 To respond to this discussion,

Marty said: “Unless you can make all your share sales under one of the exempt provisions, sale of all shares, including membership shares, will have to be made through a licensed securities dealer, and the co-op will have to produce and file a prospectus: very expensive, very limiting. The exemptions…

The cost attached to membership is the requirement to buy at least one co-op share when the membership is approved. This is not revenue, it is capital, but at least some of it can certainly be used for start-up costs, if not all. In terms of amount that should be required, that will depend primarily…

If we limit ourselves to 50 members at the start then perhaps we should have a higher value, say $250 or higher. My thought here us to raise enough to do a developing country project.

I'm thinking funds from Memberships go to activating participation discussing projects, that in turn attracts investors for first project/s.

What projects to support? I created a form a while back. We need to formalize then start approaching people to get applications into co-op. We can then post these for investors to begin to check out / people to start contributing content promoting projects.

What do we need to attract members? Getting CM business plan done and communication dialed can be achieved through workshop.

thecitizensmedia.com/pub/section /investment-coop?id=1178docs.google.com/forms/d /16Xt6p4w4MEyrZhNw81JyS6I4wVxjJyID7DF5OT M9HE4/edit#

Hum. The form I just posted was taken from Buckminster Application form!

Here's a link to the one I built around CM (will need reviewing as over a year old!) docs.google.com/forms/d /1OzxiuX4tfxUvuklIGAtjfO_xpP9F7n0Xt8qrwa V7EWk/edit#

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