If you want to make a real difference it's hard to know where or how to invest.

Business as usual operates in ways that can't be sustained. It's potential returns are diminishing every day. Solutions for unleashing new economic opportunity through alternative ways of working are out there. But they are new and the returns they offer can feel unfamiliar.

I3 = Exponential Impact

Projects the I3 Investment Coop supports:

I1 – facilitate community reinvestment;
Keeping money within a community has been shown to have four times the economic impact than drifting in and out: The Multiplier Effect

I2 – increase people and planet wellbeing
Business as usual measures value based on centrally banked returns. It does not account for ability to increase wellbeing of people or planet. This creates a lack of resilience in our economy, which cannot be sustained.

I3 – are open and inclusive
Open designs can be used to support like communities throughout the world. Employing locals in community based enterprise increases social wellbeing.